Warranty Policy

A limited lifetime warranty applies to the original buyer and the original vehicle upon which the part was first installed. The warranty is not transferable if the vehicle is sold or if the part is moved to another vehicle.

Warranty covers defects in workmanship or material only. Covered problems include (but not limited to) the product does not fit when new, breaks due to routine operation of your vehicle or causes problem with wind noise.

Warranty does not cover problems arising out of incorrect installation (incorrectly placed bumpers, poorly attached adhesive pedestals, over tightening of screws, etc), problems due to poor product maintenance (loss of screws or clips, looseness, etc) or parts modified or painted.  Replacement hardware is available for purchase if any item is lost or damaged during installation or use of the product. Customer is responsible for keeping their part properly maintained.

Warranty does not cover damage arising from road hazards or due to misuse of the product.  Damage caused by rocks, accidents, birds, road debris, snow brushes, aggressive car washes, careless service station attendants, etc is not covered.

Warranty does not cover damages occurring during shipping of product.  Inspect immediately and make a claim with the freight carrier.

Warranty may not cover damages to parts that have been painted, wrapped, sprayed with rock guard or otherwise modified (trimmed to fit around non-OEM components, etc).  Please contact us to discuss such a claim.

Warranty covers our product only. Warranty does not cover costs to remove or install, freight, or other damages.


Making a Warranty Claim

To make a warranty claim or if you are unsure about a possible warranty claim, please contact our customer service department by email at: customer@focusauto.com for assistance.

Warranty claims can be made by the customer directly to Focus Auto Design Inc. or the dealer can do this for them.

For simplicity in processing warranty claims, we suggest the customer provide several photos (by e-mail) of the part as installed, showing the defect, and with the part removed from the vehicle, showing the position and condition of the mounting hardware attached to both the vehicle and the part.  We can assess most claims from this information and the customer does not need to return to the dealer with their vehicle to initiate their claim.

Focus Auto Design Inc. has the right to refuse any warranty claim.